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Technical Terms for ICT and Computing

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Technical Terms for ICT and Computing.

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This resource consists of a stand-alone program that provides definitions and explanations of over 200 technical words and phrases that are commonly met with in ICT and computing courses. It is designed for use with both GCSE and post-16 students.

An entry consists of an initial deffinition followed by further explanation or description together with a cross-reference link to related entries, allowing a student or class to follow a particuar theme.

The majority of entries are accompanied by one of the following.


The aniimations provide additional explanation of the term. For example, the entry for Graph Plotter includes an animation illustrating how the movement of paper and pen can be combined to draw squares and circles on a drum plotter.

Simiarly the animation for sequential processing shows how the master and transaction files are combined to produce a new master file in a utility billing system. The animations are, where possible, interactive, requiring some input from the student.

Quizes and Games

Each quiz or game is designed to test and develop understanding of the associated term or phrase. Questions or tasks are chosen randomly so that students will be presented with a different set of questions or sitations if they repeat the task. Most tasks are set against a count-down time and display a final score or rating.

Pictures and Slide Shows

Photographs are used to illustrate some entries. Where possible a slideshow of several photographs is used to provide further interest.

The materials have been written using Adobe Flash. However they are provided as a stand-alone executable program and do not require Flash to be installed.

They were written with several potential uses in mind.

Class Use

This would be particularly effective using an interactive white-board to introduce or summarise a topic. The animations, in particular, would be useful here since they are designed to help students understand concepts and ideas that may not easily be appreciated with simple pictures or text.

Independent Learning

The materials would lend themselves individual use by students to research topics and also for homework tasks. With this in mind, the site licence includes the option to copy and distribute the CD to students, allowing them to use the material on a home computer.


An understanding of technical vocabulary is essential for good examination performance. Students could benefit by using the resouce as part of their final preparation for examinations. Again, the relaxation of the site licence terms has been made with this in mind.

Since this is a stand-alone program, sample pages are not available. However, pdfs giving a complete list of the entries and screenshotscan be downloaded here.

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