McWeeney Publications

Terms of Business

The following terms will be applied to all orders unless agreed otherwise.

The purpose of these terms is to protect the author's copyright and intellectual rights while providing sufficient flexibility to allow you to make full use of the materials. If there is anything here that causes problems then please contact me.

  1. Credit orders will be accepted from UK educational institutions and an invoice enclosed with the goods. Personal customers should contact me before ordering.
  2. Inspection Copies will be supplies to UK educational institutions.
  3. If goods are supplied on an inspection copy basis they may be retained for up to 14 days. At the end of this period unwanted goods must be returned in good condition and any printed or other copies that have been made for evaluation purposes must be destroyed. The return postage must be paid by the customer.
  4. Orders will be sent by first-class post, normally within three working days. Longer delays are however possible at busy times.
  5. Ownership of the goods remains with the supplier until full payment has been made.
  6. The purchaser has a licence to print as many copies of the material as required for use within a single educational establishment. This licence becomes effective only after full payment has been made.
  7. Printed copies may be sold to students of the institution. The materials must not however be distributed in any other than printed format.
  8. Copyright of the materials remains with the original author - Steve McWeeney.
  9. Where the security of the materials can be guaranteed, they may be made available on an intranet, provided access is restricted to staff and students of a single educational establishment.
  10. The original material may not be distributed in stored data format (optical, magnetic or any other). Only printed versions may be distributed.
  11. Retained inspection copies and other invoiced goods must be paid for within 28 days of receipt.
  12. The purchaser may make back up copies of the materials. These must be kept secure and not distributed to staff or students.
  13. If the original media on which the materials are supplied becomes corrupted or is lost or damaged a replacement will be provided. A charge will be made to cover costs.
  14. If a significantly revised version of the materials becomes available then anyone who has bought the earlier version will automatically be sent an updated replacement. Customer who have bought the older version outside this period will be offered the new edition at a significant discount.