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Sample Pages to Download and View

The sample page files are all in pdf format. They can be downloaded by right-clicking and selecting Save Target As from the menu or viewed by clicking on the link if Adobe Acrobat is installed on your system.

Please note that these files are provided for evaluation purposes only and cannot be printed. All rights reserved.

AQA AS Unit Info 1
AQA AS Unit info 2
Info 1 Index
Info 2 Index
Info 1 (portrait)
Info 2 (portrait)
Info 1 (landscape)
Info 2 (landscape)
Notes for OCR AS ICT
Index Sample 1 (portrait) sample 2 (landscape)
Notes for OCR A2 ICT
Index Sample 1 (portrait) Sample 2 (landscape)
RD Design & Implementation
Index Six pages selected from various points in the book
Database Solutions
Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3
Technical Vocabulary
List of Entries Screenshots 1 Screenshots 2
ICT Theory Book for GCSE
Index Set of five sample pages taken from different points within the book
ICT Workbook for GCSE
Two sample pages from different worksheets Two consecutive pages from the workbook
ICT Practical Course for GCSE
Contents & Time Plan Five consecutive pages from the book