McWeeney Publications

Placing an Order

Orders from UK educational institutions can be accepted in any form that lets me know who you are, where to send the goods and what you want to order. It helps to include a telephone number so that I can contact you if there are any problems with the order.

Please use the order codes which are given below. An official order number is useful, but not essential, as long as this does not cause meltdown in your finance office. An invoice will be enclosed with the goods.

Oversees and personal customers should contact me before ordering.


Please post orders to McWeeney Publications, The Cottage, Hartburn, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 4JB


Fax Orders to 01670 772474


Email orders to Please include a contact telephone number and full delivery address together with an official order number if you have one. This is a temporary email address that will change from time-to-time. All email orders will be acknowledged from a permanent address that may be used for any future contact.

All orders should use the order codes given below. Prices are inclusive of postage. All materials are supplied on CD with a site licence for use within a single institution. The upgrade price is for customers who have bought earler editions of a CD.

Order Code Title Cost Upgrade Additional Information
IINFOAS AQA AS Notes £25 £20 Notes for AQA AS units Info1& Info2
G061 OCR AS Notes £25 £20 Notes for OCR AS Unit G061
G063 OCR A2 Notes £25 £20 Notes for OCR A2 Unit G063
CD/DB Relational Database Design and Implementation £25 £25  
CD/SL Database Solutions £25 £25  
GD/TT Dictionary of Technical Terms £25 N/A £20 if ordered with any other product (including upgrades).. Existing customers - email for special offer details
CD/A The Complete ICT Course for GCSE £20 £20 Outdated. All orders at upgrade price.
GD/GCSE The ICT Theory Book for GCSE     Order CD/A
CD/WB The ICT Workbook for GCSE     Order CD/A
CD/P The ICT Practical Course for GCSE     Order CD/A