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Notes for OCR ICT A2 Unit G063

The notes for G063 are supplied on CD as pdf files in two different layouts.

The landscape layout matches the format of earlier editions with a large right hand margin to allow the user to add notes to the printed page. However, some users have indicated that they do not need this feature and so a portrait layout edition is also included. This presents the notes in a more traditional text book layout and reduces the number of pages. The portrait version is also more suitable for viewing over an intranet. The content of the two versions is identical. Download sample pages here.

OCR A2 cover

Notes for OCR G063. Includes Teacher's Answer Booklet. Site licence £55.

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The notes are set out in a way that exactly follows the specification. This allows them to be used as a revision aid, a student text or a source for teaching notes. A full index is included.

The files are protected pdf files. They can be printed and viewed but the content cannot be changed, copied or pasted. The materials are suitable for printing as a student text or for viewing over an intranet.

The notes were written with the intention of providing a complete reference to the course and I believe that they represent a comprehensive basis for success. They are are supplied as photocopy masters and include questions with a separate Teacher's Answer Booklet giving suggested answers and mark schemes.

Your licence allows unlimited photocopying/printing within one educational establishment. You can even sell the printed copies to students if you wish. They may be placed on an school or college intranet provided they are protected from general access by the public.

Use order code G063. Site licence £55. Teacher's Answer Booklet included.

G063: 97 pages in portrait format, 130 in landscape.