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The ICT Workbook for GCSE

Last update was in 2007. The original description is given below for information only. All orders may be made at the upgrade price of 20 for the complete course.

The dual format student GCSE workbook/worksheets consists of a 48 page student workbook or 24 individual worksheets Both formats are supplied on the CD allowing you to decide exactly how to use this resource.

A complete set of detailed answers is provided. There is also a set of teacher's notes giving some additional thoughts on the materials, the answers and possibilities for extension work.

GCSE Theory Cover

ICT Workbook for GCSE. Site licence £26. Includes Answer booklet and revision booklet.

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Although the emphasis is on the theory for the GCSE course, the section covering database structure includes a sample database and some practical exercises using Access (separate files provided for Access 97, 2000 and XP/2003) together with a suggestion for extension practical work. Download sample pages here.

The materials follow the same order as the theory book but could be used successfully without it. They will allow you to concentrate on teaching, and help focus student learning. Used together with the IT theory booklet they remove completely any need for students to take notes in lessons, freeing up the time for them to work at exercises that develop knowledge and understanding in an effective way.

For £26.00 you get a CD with the the student workbook, the same materials as individual worksheets, answers and teacher's notes. A free revision booklet is also included.

Whether used as course materials during the year or as revision materials, you will find that these exercises will enhance student understanding and learning.

Your licence allows unlimited photocopying/printing within one educational establishment. You can even sell the printed copies to students if you wish. The book may be placed on an school or college intranet provided they are protected from general access by the public.

Use order code CD/WB. Site licence £26. Teacher's Answer Booklet included.

The ICT Workbook Book for GCSE: 48 pages/24 Worksheets. Answer booklet and revision booklet included.