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The ICT Theory Book for GCSE

Last update was in 2007. The original description is given below for information only. All orders may be made at the upgrade price of £20 for the complete course.

The book consists of 143 A4 pages packed with text, diagrams and pictures. It is supplied on CD as a Microsoft Word file and is a self-contained element of the three-part Complete ICT Course for GCSE. Although it can be ordered separately, a discount is applied for customers buying all three elements.

At the end of each chapter there is a key-points summary and technical vocabulary section. This makes the book a valuable learning and revision tool.

GCSE Theory Cover

ICT Theory Book for GCSE. Site licence £48. Includes Answer booklet, scheme of work and revision booklet.

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There are also end-of-chapter questions which can be used for homework or as the basis of class discussion. A separate booklet of answers is included on the CD.

The book was written specifically to cover the theory part of the revised 2005 ICT specification and has been checked against subsequent versions published on the AQA web site to keep it up to date. The generalised nature of the content means that the material will be suitable for a wide range of other courses too. Download sample pages here.

For £48.00 inclusive you get a CD with the book in Word format. A separate file giving the answers to the end-of-chapter questions and a license to print and duplicate as many copies as you want within a single educational establishment. You also get a GCSE revision booklet and a scheme of work.

Your licence allows unlimited photocopying/printing within one educational establishment. You can even sell the printed copies to students if you wish. The book may be placed on an school or college intranet provided they are protected from general access by the public.

Use order code CD/GCSE. Site licence £48. Teacher's Answer Booklet included.

The ICT Theory Book for GCSE: 143 pages. Answer booklet and revision booklet included.