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Database Solutions

This resource designed for use on a school or college intranet. It provides a practical solution to many of the typical problems encountered by students when completing advanced coursework using Access. Three complete and separate versions are supplied. One for Access 2010. one for Access XP/2003 and the third for Access 2000.

Over 30 linked pdf files provide solutions to 26 coursework problems (25 for the two previous versions.) Each file is accompanied by sample database files, each of which provides a working demonstration of the solution. A further 26 practice database files provide a starting point for students to follow the detailed step-by-step solution provided in the text.

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The text itself consists of three sections for each solution. An outline description of the solution and its context, a description of the method to be used and a detailed step-by-step guide to implementing the solution - which can be followed by the student using the practice database. Download sample pages here.

Apart from the obvious use of allowing students to find solutions to particular coursework problems - thereby helping to relieve some of the pressure on teachers during practical lessons, the materials have a number of other uses.


The sample databases together with a summary document of all 26 solutions allow students to investigate the potential of Access, discovering techniques and methods that they otherwise may not have come across and which will be of direct relevance to their coursework.

Learning Access

The complete set of solutions can be used as the basis of a teaching course, delivering advanced practical skills in the use of Access.


The final section of the materials provide a starting point for a number of standard project titles.

The list below gives a summary of the solution topics in the 2010 version. Earlier versions are almost identical, but do not contain the EAN Validation solution.

Solution 01 Opening a form at a particular record Solution 17 Automatically exporting data to Excel
Solution 02 Opening a form to display a particular list of records Solution 18 Finding the user and computer name
Solution 03 Opening a form by clicking the related item in a list Solution 18 Transaction logs and back up
Solution 04 A simple find button on a form Solution 20 Handling address data
Solution 05 Calculating ages from dates of birth Solution 21 Invoicing and customer billing systems
Solution 06 Converting marks (numbers) to grades (letters) Solution 22 Appointments systems
Solution 07 Calculating amounts and quantities remaining Solution 23 Interactive booking systems
Solution 08 Generating sequence numbers Solution 24 Calculation dependent systems
Solution 09 Confirming data entry (on screen validation) Solution 25 Stock control systems
Solution 10 Validating post codes Solution 26 Library/loans systems
Solution 11 Modulo 11 check digit validation User Guide Notes on using the materials effectively
Solution 12 EAN check digit validation Summary Brief details of each solution
Solution 13 Displaying text values in option groups Functions Explanation of functions used with links to text
Solution 14 Hierarchical password protection TOC Links to all text files and related database files This is intended as the principal means of accessing all the materials.
Solution 15 Adding a many-side record without a corresponding one side record
Solution 16 Linking to a Word Document Appendix Importing module code

Your licence allows unlimited photocopying/printing within one educational establishment. You can even sell the printed copies to students if you wish. They may be placed on an school or college intranet provided they are protected from general access by the public.

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Database Solutions : 26 Solutions, 36 pdf files, 52 supporting database files ( Access 2010 version).