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Relational Database Design and Implementation

RD Design and Implementation Cover

Relational DB Design and Implementation. Site licence £60.(£52.50 with Database Solutions.)

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This photocopyable book on CD is intended for students studying ICT or Computing for A-level or other advanced post-16 courses.

It comes complete with Teacher's answers and a number of files for student use. The CD + site licence, is available at an inclusive cost of £85.00.The materials have been completely re-written for Access 2010 but earlier versions (Access 97, XP and 2003) are also included on the CD.

The main text consists of a 173 page book that provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills for advanced database work. Download sample pages here.

The chapters on database theory provide students with the understanding needed for good database design. They include detailed questions covering entity analysis and normalisation and complete answers are provided in a separate teacher's answer booklet.

The practical work provides students with the advanced techniques necessary for project work. A completed version of each practical is supplied so that students can begin each new practical with a correct version of the database..

The book is supplied as a photocopy master in pdf format. It can be printed and/or placed on a network server. It is accompanied by an additional 60 files supporting the text.

Chapter 1 Flat file/Relational Database models Chapter 10 User Interface, Forms and Controls
Chapter 2 Entities, attributes and relationships Chapter11 Forms and Visual Basic for Applications. Methods, Events, Error Handling
Chapter 3 Design, Data Modelling, dealing with many-to-many relationships Chapter 12 Handling text in Visual Basic, Designing Procedures
Chapter 4 Entities and Tables, Atomic Data, First Normal Form Chapter 13 Select, Cross-tab and Action Queries. Join Types. Linking Action Queries to buttons
Chapter 5 Second Normal Form, Functional and Partial Dependency, Foreign Keys Chapter 14 Reports, Aggregate and other functions. Interactive and cross-tab reports
Chapter 6 Third Normal Form, Chapter 15 Modules and Visual Basic. Procedure Arguments,
Chapter 7 Table Design and Implementation, Primary and Foreign keys,, Validation Rules Chapter 16 .Accessing records from Visual Basic
Chapter 8 Implementing Relationships, Cascade Update/Delete Chapter 17 Sub Forms, Auto starting, Menu driven interface.Hiding the Ribbon, Making the Database 'safe'.
Chapter 9 Testing the Table Structure  

Your licence allows unlimited photocopying/printing within one educational establishment. You can even sell the printed copies to students if you wish. The files may be placed on an school or college intranet provided they are protected from general access by the public.

Use order code CD/DB. Site licence £85 - Now reduced to £25..

Relational Database Design and Implementation:173 pages plus 60 supporting files.

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